Raspberry PI CM4


 I'm using Home Assistant and want to go from a virtual machine on my windows server to a dedicated device.


A group makes these and uses their own operating system. The first piece of hardware was the Home Assistant Blue, which was ok, but not really modular and not good with all interfaces.


I ordered the successor, Home Assistant Yellow (used to be call HA Amber).


This uses the new Raspberry PI CM4 which is a stripped down RPI but with bus connectors to expand ports, so you buy a CM4 and plug it into the HA Yellow.


About the CM4

With all the shortages, it took a while to find a CM4 module, mine is a CM4002016. This is a 2 gig ram, 16 gig eMMC unit without wifi.


Here's a datasheet on the CM4:  https://datasheets.raspberrypi.com/cm4/cm4-product-brief.pdf

the part number decodes major features: CM4xyyzzz

    •  x = 0 no wifi
    • x = 1 wifi on board
    •  yy = ram in gigs
    •  zzz = eMMC memory in gigs

The SM4 for HA Yellow

The HA yellow has on board wifi, so you don't want a CM4 with wifi. Also while you can get a CM4 without eMMC, and boot from the HA yellow board, it's apparently a lot easier to have a CM4 with the onboard eMMC

You can buy various configurations of HA Yellow, a kit, the board without the CM4, and a full unit, assembled with a CM4. This last configuration ships with 2 gig ram and 16 GB eMMC, no wifi CM4






The HA Yellow board:



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