DeadRail (DCC over the air)

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So traditionally, (and technically according to the NMRA standard) DCC is only sent over the rails.

There are products out that send the DCC signal over the air without modification, to be picked up by receivers and then a way is found to feed the signal to a standard DCC decoder.

There a


Ideas for system configurations


Stanton S cab

NCE PowerCab

Tam valley stuff

Dimensions: 2.7" long by 1.2" wide x 0.47" high
Battery Voltage (Vbat): 7 to 18 V  (5 Lipo cells or 15 NiMH)
Input Reverse Polarity Protected
Voltage Drop (Vdrop): 0.5V (low current) to 1.0V (high current)
Output: DCC (assuming DCC is being transmitted)
Outut Voltage: Vpeak-to-peak equal to Vbattery minus Vdrop
Current Max: ~3A continuous (depends on amount of ventilation) and 5.4A max for brief periods
Radio Frequency: 916.49 MHz
Weather Underground PWS KCACARLS78