Body Mounting Kadees on AML Rolling Stock

AMLrolling stock comes with accomodation for body mounting couplers. AML provides it's own knuckle couplers, with draft gear patterned after Kadee.

Most AML rolling stock with truck mount couplers standard and also body mounts as well as hook and loops. The couplers are of their own design and will couple with Kadees.

The trucks have metal wheels, and the trucks themselves are die cast also.


BUT: There is a severe height mismatch:


 I run all body mounts, I'll go over some tips to mount Kadee 830/906 couplers with the "draft gear slack action".

First remove the trucks, and remove the coupler. This would be a good time to check the wheel gauge. If you need to adjust it, you MUST unscrew BOTH sideframes, metal is NOT springy! You have to work the sideframes off BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. Most of the AML cars I have gotten have the wheels in gauge, or slightly tight. When you reassemble the trucks, be sure to lube the axles first. I use oil since it is metal on metal. A drop in each journal works fine. You might smear a little oil on the sideframe "finger" where it slides back into the truck frame. Again, you must reinstall both side frames at the same time, and evenly.

Now, remove the coupler lift bar by using a small flat blade screwdriver to pop it out of the floor. Then you can slide it out carefully, negotiating the 90 degree bend. Do it carefully and you will not break the little holder on the side of the car. Press on this gadget after removing the lift bar in case you worked it out a bit, so it does not fall off later.

Now you see the body mount pad. There are 2 variations. The picture below is the early style with a "built in" "lid" and a post for the AML body mount coupler.

Later versions have a flat mounting pad, and no modification is needed, just bolt the 830/906 in place.


I use a dremel with a cutoff wheel to cut it nearly flush, and then a 1" diameter flap wheel running slowly to smooth down the area, and also remove any flash at the 3 mounting holes.



Again, in the case of cars with the flat mounting pad, just bolt on the 830/906.

For cars that had the post, you will see that the raised pad takes the place of the "lid" on the Kadee 830/906.

In this case, place the 830/906 gearbox on the car, put in the 2 side screws and tighten enough to bite into the holes. There are 6 screws provided with each car. Hold the coupler firmly against the end of the car, that will align the coupler squarely by virtue of the flange on the Kadee draft gear box. Tighten these 2 screws, and add the third one at the end of the coupler box.


Now re-mount the trucks. I simply turn the coupler tang inwards. It is close, but I have had no problems with 10' diameter curves. Since it's metal I decided to leave it unless I have problems.

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