MX32 buttons & controls


This page is a walk-though of the MX32 cab keyboards:

There are a bunch of "Shift key" combinations, normally they are described right in the manual, but most are "hit this key first and release, then press the next key". In some places in the manual it written like press and hold the first key and then press the second one.  One exception is power off.

Two other keys usually to have some overall meaning:

A = "accept", our "enter" or "ok" key

E = "escape" or "back"

The top row of keys: help and options, just below screen


  • normally menu


  • normally are help and menu options and the screen shows what they do.
  • often show lists of locos or other objects

The next group of keys are the most used:


  • This key is normally used to scroll between the locomotive recall memory, forwards
  • during definition or modification of a loco, is the "save and close"


  • normally used to scroll the locos recall memory, backwards
  • often used to go to the next page in menus


  • in consisting, used to create/modify consists from the LoRcl screen

W^ – controls switches

  • You can have “panels” with boxes to press for switches, when in the switch display, press the "II" key to show panels
  • The shift key will toggle display between field numbers and the actual decoder addresses, hold it down for a bit when toggling, too quick and it just changes momentarily
  • E + 3 + (optional shift) takes you to the switch definition screen, but it's not where normal humans program switches, see below
  • After defining switches, W again does a save and exit, E escapes without exiting
  • The scroll key will show more switches
  • F takes you back to loco mode


  • normally Clear
  • removes a loco from recall memory
  • deletes last character/digit entered

(red up arrow) - is the shift key

  • shifts between groups of functions, switches.

Note well:  "Shift W" (holding  and pressing W will take you to the switch definition screen where you can enter the symbol, orientation and DCC address of the switch. Also note that what passes for normal addresses is apparently not normal in Europe. Click here for how to program switches/turnouts.


Off to the left side


  •   usually used to enter service mode with F key
  • alone makes the MN led blink, no clue what it is doing


  •  shunting (switching) key, which should light RG led amber, and the color will indicate 1/2 speed or 1/3 speed. (??

The A and E keys again deserve special mention


  • with cab off, 1 sec – turn on (radio mode)
  • with cab on, 10 sec – Reset
  • With E key (first) then A shuts down cab
  • When on, enters “loco in” mode – enter loco address, name, group, etc - see "loco in mode" below


  •   besides escape, is used in conjunction with other keys to enter various modes, see below

Direction and stopping


  •   reverse key, FWD and Rev leds will light


  • stop

 Back to the E key, entering modes, E key followed by another key

+ F - enter ops mode programming

+ - (hold the shift key), shows some button legends

    • E1s, E2s, E3s, E4s - all do nothing
    • the 0 key same as E + 0
    • the 3 key has a logo that looks like signals
    • the 7 key takes you to a Tasks screen 

+ MN enters service mode

+ 1 – functions FUMT

    • format - DCC[128] / DCC[28] - looks to be speed steps (why not 14?)
    • MAN Mode - none / Zimo (what does this do?)
    • Amt Functions - select the number of functions available, also old LGB serial function? no clue what the number means

+ 2 – speedometer, scroll through, there are MPH ones

+ 3 – switches or accessories, but seems to always go to European addressing system

+ 4 – loco image

+ 5 – functions Fusy – Functions System – function key mapping

+ 6 – object database

+ 7 – routes

+ 8 – StEin module

+9 - nothing

+ 0 - configure the MX32

(I tried E + the following keys, nothing:   U / TP / W^ / C / RG )


More detail

Loco in mode:


  • enter locomotive address (how to enter short address?)
  • entering 3 does give you short address


in the upper right of the screen you see:

  • DCC [128]
  • DCC [28]
  • DCC [14]
  • MM2 [14]
  • MM2 [28]


you can name the loco


you can enter the group name (names can be customized in the cab config menu

  • Type digits
  • F key activate address
  • C key is backspace
  • A key again allows you to enter name
  • How do you enter long vs short addresses?

II button will pull from MX10 data base

F^ - POM - Programming on the main


MN - NMRA Service Mode programming

Entering programming mode: vU or MN


U enters CV programming



 Resetting the MX32:

need to fill in






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