Zniffer - Z-Wave sniffer


This is a Z-Wave sniffer. I needed one since I was using HomeSeer and the Z-Uno and of course when certain things did not work, each "camp" laid blame to the other.


This is basically a USB Z-Wave dongle put into promiscuous mode and software to capture packets.


This link is a good overview of how to get started:


It tells you what model USB dongle to get, I bought mine from Digikey for about $30, it has the Silicon Labs Z-Wave chip.

Scroll to the bottom right of the page:

Where you can download what you need:

  • The Z-wave programmer
  • the Z-wave sniffer



Next it gives you a link to get the SDK:


The site is not organized the same anymore... You click on the "explore Z-Wave SDK, then I downloaded the Z-Wave SDK

, then a bit further down the same page, there are tools, clicking "more info about tools", you can then get to the controller sdk... then scrolling down  you will find a "development tools" that mentions Zniffer


into that you find


You need to make an account, it is free, I made one under my business, but it does not matter.










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