Aristo 2-8-0 C-16

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Overview - 2 versions

The original version of the C16 was from the purchase of Delton, with a few small changes from the sold by Delton version.

The new version had extensive drivetrain and electrical improvements. It appeared around 2007-2008

Apparently the profile of the rear of the loco was changed from the original Delton to accommodate the first Aristo drive train, and the later Aristo version has apparently restored this. (need pix)

Note that the part numbers are UNCHANGED between the old and new versions: 80100 and 80200 for the coal and wood tender versions. (dumb!)

Delton version:

The easiest way to determine if the loco is a Delton, or an early Aristo is to look at the domes on the boiler, they are turned brass.

IMG 6540

First Aristo version:

  • plastic siderods
  • plastic domes on the boiler
  • heavy split chassis/gearbox, you can see this from underneath the loco, the longitudinal split

The photo below shows the plastic domes and the split metal chassis/gearbox

c16 apart

The loco has a spur gear drive from the motor to a gear on a long jackshaft, only the 1st and 4th axles were powered.

Pretty sure power pickup in the tender was from carbon brushes on backsides of wheels.

Second Aristo version:

Aristo modified the loco with some new features:

  • metal siderods
  • new "prime mover" modular gearboxes - all wheel drive
  • belt drive from motor to gearboxes
  • Aristo socket in the tender
  • different (better) power pickup on tender wheels (metal journals on axle tips)

Notice the siderods are shiny, as opposed to the black plastic in the original version


tender bottom

















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