Aristo 2-8-0 C-16

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There are 2 versions, the original version with a motor block with the first and third axles driven (may be incorrect, may be the 1st and the 4th) , by gears on the axles and a long shaft with worms on it. 

The new version, about 2007-2008 (correct date anyone?) has the new prime mover gearboxes in it (all wheels gear driven)

Several other things have changed, there are more electrics in the tender, and I believe the loco now has a socket, and it is in the tender. The original C-16 had plastic rod gear and the new one has metal.

I believe the tender pickups were carbon brush in the original and the new one has the metal bushings at the axle tips.

The original unit has a gear drive from the motor to the drivetrain, the new C-16 has a belt drive. Apparently the profile of the rear of the loco was changed from the original Delton to accomodate the first Aristo drive train, and the later Aristo version has apparently restored this. (need pix)

Original C-16 from Delton

Below are pictures of the original C16 (courtesy of R.J. DeBerg)

Below shows the smokebox, boiler and cab assembly removed from the chassis:

Below you can see the metal motor block exposed, the "chassis" with the brake rigging comes off.

Below you can see the motor block open. Notice that while all the axles have gears on them, only the first and 4th gears show grease.

Below you can see in even closer detail which axles are actually driven.



Below you can see the carbon brush pickups on the tender. There is a reed switch on this tender for an aftermarket sound system, the brown "seco alarm" box.


New C-16 with the prime mover

I do not have any pictures of the new version, but I have a picture of it's tender. This is different because with the socket in the tender, then the lights and motor switches are located here too.

Below you can see the metal bushings and the eyelets that pick up power. Since the power is picked up from the axle, and the one wheel without an insulator, the tender picks up on 4 wheels only. Less drag and more reliable than the carbon brushes. The original C-16 tender has both wheels insulated from the axle, so you can pick up from both wheels on each axle, but since there were only brushes on 2 of the 4 axles, there's no more power pickup either way.

The new way is better.



Smoke unit issues:

My friend Phil Z. stated that the smoke output was very poor, even though his second generation C-16 has the new fan-driven Aristo smoke unit. By a bit of careful study, it seems that there is very little way to get air into the boiler, so not much can go out. He drilled some holes on the underside of the smokebox where they would not show and it made a big difference.



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