Aristo 2-8-0 C-16

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There are 2 Aristo Craft versions:

The original version with a motor block with the first and third axles driven (may be incorrect, may be the 1st and the 4th) , by gears on the axles and a long shaft with worms on it. 

The new version, about 2007-2008 with the new prime mover gearboxes in it (all wheels gear driven), and the motor is a belt drive to the motor block.

Also, realize that the precursor was made by Delton, a source of confusion on the C-16s.

Spotting features:

Delton: Turned brass domes on boiler.

1st gen Aristo: plastic siderods, plastic domes on the boiler, split chassis (can be seen from underneath

2nd gen Aristo: metal siderods, screws in the center of the drivers, prime mover gearboxes

Delton boiler with turned metal domes:

IMG 6540


Split chassis, plastic domes, 1st Gen Aristo:

c16 apart


Several other things have changed, there are more electrics in the tender, and I believe the loco now has a socket, and it is in the tender. The original C-16 had plastic rod gear and the new one has metal.

I believe the tender pickups were carbon brush in the original and the new one has the metal bushings at the axle tips.

The original unit has a gear drive from the motor to the drivetrain, the new C-16 has a belt drive. Apparently the profile of the rear of the loco was changed from the original Delton to accomodate the first Aristo drive train, and the later Aristo version has apparently restored this. (need pix)




Delton C-16






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