Marklin Mikado

DCC installation

Many people have mentioned problems with this loco and DCC.

First I tried a TCS decoder, and that was a problem. I cannot tell exactly what is wrong with them (see the TCS section), but my guess their BEMF "program" goes nuts with certain motors. Well, it had the typical surging, and out of control behavior.

I then got a C.T. Elektronik DCX75, it controlled the Mikado perfectly. The DDCX76zD released in 2012 is even smaller.

Due to the extremely small size, and in particular very thin, it will fit in the underside of the cab roof.

Now I am looking to put a sound decoder and speaker in the tender. Going to be tough.


 Right hand brush is orange, left hand brush is gray

Weather Underground PWS KCACARLS78