Android devices

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Just some general notes here, specific devices in sub-pages

Way to force a system checkin (for updates)

*#*#checkin#*#* ... I found you need to do this from the original phone app, not aftermarket ones.... the command executes after you punch in the last asterisk... if it does not, then something is wrong with your dialer.

Android notification icons.

Man, there's so many of them, sometimes it is hard to know what they are:


Plantronics Voyager Legend

Just some notes, this is the unit with the small magnetic cradle that attaches to the unit to charge (easy to connect, but you gotta carry one with you when travelling, or have one cradle at home and work to charge... give me the universal micro usb any time.)

There is a little led that gives you charge state.

red led blinking 3 times, battery critical

red led blinking 2 times, battery low

blue led blinking 2 times, battery medium (who the heck says this?)

blue led blinking 3 times, battery high (I guess almost full)

nothing blinking - charge complete (or the frigging thing is dead, who figured this out?) should have been blue on constant, doh!

press and hold the call butt to go into pairing mode... default passcode is 4 zeros...



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