Bridges on Greg's Layout

Currently, where the track goes behind the spa > deck, there is a cutout required by code for electrical access. What to do? Why a bridge of course. This one is from a company called Stainless Steel Bridges, but I think they are out of business. Too bad, great prices and quality. It is all stainless, naturally. This is from their site, mine was made to my custom length, a bit longer.



Here's the view of the outer loop going behind the spa:
(you can see the black box that holds the DCC power supply, command station and booster, and the hole bored into the planter in the distance)


Here's a shot from behind the back fence, where you see the city-mandated opening to get to the spa electrics, so you see why there is a bridge here.


There will also be bridges at the 180 degree hairpin, and where the track crosses the garage "man" door and the courtyard in front of the fountain. I'll be documenting how these are built, they will probably also be stainless steel.


Here's the bridge over the track so the gardeners don't walk on it.

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