Original Design Pacific

This early design built prior to 2004 had a number of unique features. Unfortunately these unique features do not outweigh the advantages of the "new style" Pacific with the new "prime mover" modular motor block, all metal rod gear, and an improved smoke unit.

Many of these are on the used market, and the simple spotting guide is the plastic siderods.

There was power pickup from the pilot truck and trailing truck, and from each axle (1 wheel) on the tender, as well as the drivers. This was great power pickup, and Aristo really took a step back in power pickup with newer designs.

The loco had puffing smoke, and smoke from the cylinders. This did not work that great, and was not that reliable.

There were lights in the firebox.

All pictures courtesy R.J. DeBerg

Motor Block:

The motor block pre-dates the current "prime mover" design. The wheels seem to be made of something else too, not as good as the current metal, so wheel cleaning was needed more often. Only the outer 2 drivers were powered, the center "gearbox" is a dummy.

IMG 2023


The driven wheels are keyed to the axle ends that keeps them from slipping on the axles (wish this was true with the new locos)

Aristo Pacific Old 029

Aristo Pacific Old 026

Aristo Pacific Old 027

Aristo Pacific Old 031


Notice that the axles halves are pinned to a plastic tube in order to keep them electrically isolated

Aristo Pacific Old 033



The picture below shows some of the electrical connections with the boiler removed. 


Below, the smoke box is removed. This loco has been modified by R.J. DeBerg to use the new style "prime mover" smoke unit.


Below, you can see the modification RJ made to the smokebox to accommodate the new smoke unit. Notice the tubes with springs in them to bring smoke down to the cylinders with the original smoke unit.


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