Other people's layouts


I found myself reading posts by people referring to certain places on their layouts where they had problems, interesting situations, or just references for a picture taken.

I was not able to always visualize where in the layout they were talking about.

So I got the idea to ask several people whom I talk with to give me rough schematics of their track plan, and I would put them into RR-Track, a nice CAD package that is easy to use.

I'm in the process of adding more layouts, and will have some other info on each page if the owner wants a little bio or some choice pictures.



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  Robby Dascotte / RLD   R.J. DeBerg   Ted Doskaris   Ray Dunakin
  Dwight Ennis   Fairplex, Pomona CA    Dave Goodson   Ed Headington 
  Dan Hoag   John "JJ" Jablonski   Joe Mascitti   Mike Reilley 
Dennis Sirrine  Vic Smith   Kevin Strong  Portable layout
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