This is the leading technology that allows reading from a decoder while a DCC system is operating in a normal mode, i.e. other locos can be on the track and operating, and you can read back data from a specific decoder.

The basic mechanism is the Command Station leaves a gap between sending datagrams and the decoder can transmit messages during that dead period. Basically simple.

Go here to read the history: https://dccwiki.com/Term:RailCom

OK, so it's not standardized between all manufacturers yet, and the only railcom command station I have is Zimo.


Zimo support:

entering into service mode, when you do the identify, you should get "RailCom: Yes" then something in parentheses (B+D) and on the next line under RailCom, the


Using Zimo Decoders:


Using TCS Decoders:

wowsound 501






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