Caboose, bay window

I don't own one yet. I'll put some pictures and comments when I get one.

It looks very nice and has the nice details and open platforms, it is one of the "ultimate series"

As with many cabooses, the power pickup is by carbon brushes riding on the backs of 2 of the 4 axles. I prefer to use ball bearing wheels with power pickups to reduce friction, noise and maintenance. Normally ball bearings do not work well for power pickup, but the low current of the lighting will let them work well for some time.

I'd also want to re-do the interior lighting to all LED and put in a bridge rectifier and large storage cap to minimize flickering of the lights.

Ted has a nice vignette on adapting Kadees to this car without gluing a big ugly block to the see through platforms.

Click here for Ted's Vignette

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