Work Cradles


You should have something like this. You can make a simple one, this one has an adjustable angle and a storage tray underneath.

I bought this from a guy who used to frequent the train shows

Buy or make something like this. I normally have a terry cloth towel lining it, and then any grease or dirt won't permeate the foam.

I really like this design because the "clamp" is offset from the pivot points, which allows greater locking torque than just tightening the pivots. Also you only need to tightenone knob.

 I have a cradle I bought years ago, it was a screw together kit, and boy I wish I could buy another couple. I believe mine was from Rjjr Inc, but no longer in business apparently, here's a link from the "Internet Wayback Machine"





These were from Chuck Inlow, but he has passed away.


Dan Patterson, makes some beautiful loco carriers and cradles. He charges about $45.00 plus S&H (about $50).  He will accept PayPal. His email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The base is 16"x24"x3 1/2"deep.  The cradle is 26"long.








Here's one from a company called GoldInHands, that has 2 probes to supply power, does not tilt but nice idea, about $100  not sure if they are still for sale






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