· Claro/natural - light yellow-brown or tan, common color of Connecticut shade-grown wrappers
· Double Claro/jade/candela/ American Market Selection - sometimes greenish, flue-cured, at times bland & flavorless
· Colorado - reddish hue, aromatic & oily
· Colorado Claro/EMS - slight reddish hue, slightly darker than a claro
· Colorado Maduro: a deeper red, brick-brown color as compared to the Colorado. "milk-chocolate" brown. Rich, mellow and slightly creamy in flavor.
· Maduro, from spanish for "ripe", maduro wrapper leaf is frequently Mexican, also know as SMS (Spanish Market Selection) - dark brown, sweet, & rich
· Connecticut Shade, came from Maryland in 1833, descendant of the Maryland broadleaf
· Oscuro - spanish for Shadow or dark, brown black to midnight in color. Oscuro leaves are left on the plant longer, and are matured for much greater lengths of time. They may be artifically produced by pressure-cooking.

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