2-8-2 Mikado - Electric Version

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This section deals with various topics on the Aristo-Craft electric Mikado.

See the sub pages for more details: (you can click on the links)

The General & Disassembly page talks about how to take the loco apart, and some other information.

The QSI decoder install describes how I installed a QSI decoder in the loco, and used existing wiring to power the speaker in the tender.

The Improving power pickup section describes how I rewired the Aristo tender board to make it more mechanically secure, eliminate any miswiring, and improved power pickup.

The Sound for the mikado page give details on improving the speaker area

Since it has the "new" gearboxes, it has the propensity to have drivers come loose and the chance of destroying the valve train components and sometimes even the gearboxes, so you need to check the tightness of the drivers on the axles periodically. This is a common and documented problem. If you follow my tips in the Prime Mover Basics page, you can make this a very reliable drivetrain if you take the time and effort.



Click the links below to go "deeper" into details on the Aristo Mikado

  General & disassembly   QSI decoder install   Improving power pickup   Sound for the Mikado 
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