Fiat Access app

There is an app for the IOS and Android operating systems that will let you "start" the car, lock, unlock, etc.

Note: This app has not worked well/consistently/at all at various times since I bought the vehicle.

The main use for me was to "precondition" the car, i.e. you "start" the car and the AC / heater turns on. Really nice in the summer, winter will be ok I suppose, (I live in San Diego, what is winter? Oh the days are shorter). The other use is to monitor the charging, especially at public chargers, where people tend to "steal" the charger.

To set it up, first you should have a Fiat login:

Then you need to register to allow the app: (use same login name and pass)

Now you can get the app and login:

(you need to get your "Connectivity ID" from the car, it's on the main menu in the car)

Now you should be able to run the app, login, set the notifications, and get notified (by SMS or email) when stuff happens.


Log into the Fiat Owner connect

Click on My Profile, and you can then see

Owner Connect Password (site login)

Uconnect Security (this is your 4 digit pin that you use to complete a Fiat Access command)

Uconnect Notifications (this is where you specify your email and phone for Fiat Access notifcations)

After entering your email phone number (phone number just 10 digits, no dashes, etc.) you should receive a text message confirming, and you must reply Yes to confirm notifications.

How does it work:

The first thing to realize is that the App/phone communicates with the Fiat servers via the internet. You will know if you are "connected" by the ability to log in.

The next thing to realize is that the Fiat servers communicate with the car by using the Sprint SMS (text messaging) network, and clearly have very low priority on the network. (you can see this by how long it takes to get a command to the car, sometimes about 5 minutes)

Also, when you tap the "refresh" button (The 2 arrows in a circular arrangement in the upper right corner), the app asks the server for the LAST time the car reported. At this point, you will be able to see the last time and date the car reported, but NOT if you are in communication NOW.

If you tap and hold the refresh icon, the app will say "requesting vehicle data. May take up to 5 minutes to complete"... now if the car IS "reachable" it will respond, you will see the date and time update to current.


As noted earlier, the system does not always work.

Some people have issues with the app working, for example I have an older Android system and it will allow the controls of lock/unlock, precondition, etc. But the status screen crashes the app.

I am running KitKat (Android 4.2.2) on a Samsung Note 3 (rooted) and it works fine. It works fine on any recent phone.

What does not work for me is the notifications. Initially some notifications worked, and no email. Then nothing worked for a while. Then a lot of people reported they were getting emails, and yes, now I get ALL the email notifications, but NONE of the texts.

What is frustrating is that when I set up (or re-set up) the text notifications, I get a text from Fiat saying I have requested this, and to reply "Yes" to enable text messages. I respond "Yes", and it then confirms this.

Then nothing happens, no text messages for anything.

I had a case number opened, and it took about 3 weeks to get an email reply, then nothing, then an email saying to contact "Mercedie" at some phone number (and of course I'm already po'd because I explained the problem clearly, and it was a waste of time). After about 3 attempts to contact this person, who was never there, even though I got a co-worker on the phone who "knew" her, and could see her desk. Now I find the case has been closed because I "stopped responding to the chat agent"... HAH, never was on chatm, just failed attempts by email and phone.

I'm now trying again with a new person who has actually emailed me, so we will see if we can get past this. If I find a solution, I'll post it on all the Fiat forums and here, of course.


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