LGB Rolling Stock

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There's a lot of LGB "history", so I won't go into excruciating detail here, research this on the Internet. Also, the LGB "foamers" will fight you tooth and nail on certain points.

Basically LGB was designed to be a toy in the beginning, and to this day, most of the products take scale liberties in order to navigate R1 curves, etc. Yes yes, there is some LGB that is "perfectly" scaled, but they are the execptions.

Now, other that unique stuff like the track cleaning loco, most of the LGB rolling stock on this site will be those items that work well with 1:29. There are many "American Prototypes" that have different scales in each of the 3 dimensions, notably the F7 units.

Also in the "history", LGB, originally exclusively manufactured in Germany, then was produced in China, which was generally not the same quality, expecially the plastic, and now made in in Hungary, which seems to be back closer to the original quality level.


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