Aristo Brass Rail Car

Aristo has imported/made several brass models. This one is a rail car. It looks great, and seems a little bigger than 1:29, scale was never identified in the catalog, but the box has "ART-84001 1:20.3 Brass Railcar".

Unfortunately, most of them ran poorly, the power pickups were not great, and the lack of springing made the rigid chassis not pick up well.

Here are some pictures provided to me. The owner returned this unit to Aristo because of unacceptable performance.

Too bad, it looks great. Aristo seems to have made poor choices on all the brass items it imported. I believe there were 2 rail cars/trucks, a speeder and a Pennsy caboose. None of them were popular, and the cabooses were an especially bad mistake, Aristo made an exact copy of an improperly restored caboose, thus irritating the rivet counters that would fork over $400 for a brass caboose.



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