Aristo steel-sided caboose

According to Lewis Polk (president of Aristo) this is the first G scale product produced by Aristo, produced in 1988.

It is apparently 1:24 scale, and a copy of a Lionel caboose scaled up.

It has a smoke unit.

1988 - "Periodically, I get e-mails about discussions on other websites and they want my opinion. The most recent one asked about our Long Steel Caboose, which is the first product we ever made. This was some 24 years ago that we designed it and introduced it in 1988. At that time our direction was to be a toy train company and we were making a scale popularized by Lionel (trade mark of the Lionel corporation) in the first part of the century. Our partner at the time under our REA trademark was Bill Lamping and he wanted to make his favorite Lionel caboose. This was the model for our first product, not a scale model of a real caboose." (Lewis Polk, Aristo-Craft forum 03-05-2010, 11:38 AM)

It turns out that it might be close in dimensions to an SP C-40-3



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