Aristo FA Versions

There are 5 versions of the FA, and 3 of the FB.

1st version in "silver-blue / gray" box, 2 lash screws on the motor blocks, holes in back of wheels, like a hubcap pressed in the back of the wheel.

2nd version in black box versions,  2 lash screws, need to validate wheel type, believe holes gone

3rd version had motor block with no lash screws, ball bearing wheels

4th version (FA only) added the Aristo socket and changed to the new "prime mover" smoke unit.

5th version (FA only) included a lowered floor, see Ted's vignette

The FB unit never got upgraded past 3rd version.

At some point, both locos were lowered... I believe it was about the time of the 4th version.


Year of Manufacture:

So in 1993 there was a "builders plate" on the side of the loco near the road number.

In 1998, there was the half moon "logo" printed on the rear end showing manufacture date.



It appears that the handrails have always been brass.

Earliest ones were about 0.05" in diameter, but later ones were about 0.060 apparently

Also later production FA's had more detail items painted, including the handrails.



Originally all horns were silver, later versions were painted body color



Picture of "blue box" motor block with holes in wheels

The two pictures below are courtesy of George Schreyer


Picture of   "black box" motor block


The two pictures below are courtesy of George Schreyer


There is a circuit board ine the rear with 3 switches (orignally) that controlled the smoke fan and heater, with a weird option to have the smoke fan running backwards,

this board has etched contacts on it to connect to 4 brass fingers socket in the shell, but later versions did not huse the socket and it was hardwired.


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