Groundcovers - Mosses

Good in wet and shady areas, not good in blazing sun or arid climates. Small leaves look very realistic "to scale"

Arenaria verna caespitosa
moss sandwort - full to moderate sun, moderate water


sagina subulata
heath pearlwort / Irish-moss / awl-leaf pearlwort / Scottish moss - full sun to shade, moderate to moist

neutral to acid soil

Scleranthus biflorus
knawel / two-flowered knawel

New Zealand moss - - nice looking - undulating clumps - does not spread

Scleranthus uniflorus
Four flowered knamel / Gnarled Cushion

A native of New Zealand, grows in a tight cushion no more than 1" tall. More tolerant of sun and dry conditions than Scotch moss. Turns to the color of hay in the fall.


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