Lenovo Helix


Nice convertible, top detaches as a 1.7 pound tablet, base has additional battery, so even with old style i7, it gets good battery life

 Bought with win8, upgraded to 10


Software / Drivers

There's lot of software, but Lenovo support is great, it's out of the same building as IBM's business computers.

Extra junk to get rid of (or don't install):

Lenovo System update

Nice overall update, but sometimes it tries to update stuff that you don't need, or a better driver is available somewhere else.

I wanted to disable it from auto running, but it's not in the system startup, nor the scheduled tasks. This takes a registry edit to stop:

64-bit Windows:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Lenovo\System Update\Preferences\UserSettings\Scheduler

32-bit Windows:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lenovo\System Update\Preferences\UserSettings\Scheduler

Change value “SchedulerAbility” to NO

 Lenovo solution center

Another piece of software that I would rather run on my own terms.

You have to go into the system task scheduler, either from searching for task scheduler in the start menu, or under the control panel... system and security... admin tools... scheduled tasks (what a pain), or under computer management, by right clicking "my computer" selecting manage, and task scheduler is right up there

 Hardware issues

There are 2 fans in the unit, the main cooling fan in the tablet part and 2 more small fans in the base, that help air through the tablet when docked.

I had the main fan start to make noise go out when it was very inconvenient, it would basically stop and not start again, so I found TPFan-Control by Troubadix. (ThinkPad Fan) This allowed me to leav the main fan at a constant speed, so it never slowed down or stopped. That bought me the rest of the work day so I could call service.

This program also lets you use a different fan control algorithm, smarter, or you can revert to bios control, and of course as already mentioned a constant speed.

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