Grooming your cat

You need some extra tools to handle a long hair cat. Frequent grooming is necessary if you dont want matts and knots. You need to be sure to check between the legs and on the chest, movement can cause matting.



I like this as primary, nice long rounded tines. Not all combs are alike. The "greyhound" comb was long revered as the best, but stupidly expensive: (big ones selling for $80)

But you can find very similar and cheaper on Amazon:


The items here are it's metal, so it does not build up static, the tines are larger diameter and smooth, so it helps detangle, and the tines are strong enough and long enough to penetrate the long fur of a Ragdoll.


Slicker brush

Slicker brushes have been used for years, they work mainly on the surface, but my cat loves it on his chin and around his head


Shedding / fur removal

Deshedding gloves, "TrueTouch"


Silicon nubby gloves that pull loose hair out. Be sure to get both hands, I find it's better to get double the cleaning


There are also several silicon brushes that remove fur from furniture easily



What I don't like:


Not a big fan of the "furminator" type of combs that have a razor blade inside that cut out knots. Leave patches of short hair and you should be combing your kitty!


rake comb - removes fur to keep shedding down - the Furminator looks good, but really do not need on rag dolls, it's for cats with matted coats or you want to cut away some of the fur. I have found that regular combing and brushing eliminates any need for this device, which actually has a blade inside to cut hair.



Brushes that look like human brushes. They just do not penetrate or really clear out the knots and mats


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