List of tools / stuff I bring to a "module party" or show:

This is the actual checklist I use for myself. I print it up, get everything on the list, cross out the stuff I don't bring and write in other stuff I bring.

At the end of the show, it's the checklist of what I should be packing up and taking home.


X-acto & blades
multi-tip screwdriver set, General and Boxer ones
german self adjusting strippers
needle nose pliers
small flat file, dremel, charger, cutting discs, diamond disc, dremel ceramic "track levelers"
locomotive wheel cleaner
wheel gauge / Rodney's tools, kadee coupler gauge and trip height gauge
fiberglas "scrub brush"
dremel, cutoff, diamond, sanding, xtra batt, wire brush, charger
short vernier caliper
laser level (bullet, short)
laser crosshairs, good tall tripod, grade rod (tall enough not to blind others)

Electrical and misc

small and large open crimp terminals
"good" crimpers, with the "finger"
110v 3 way tap
110v plug strip
110v extenders
110v extension cord
spare solid hookup wire
micro clip leads
small digital meter


sharpie, permanent
gold marker for bolster pins (my color)
labeller and tapes
"magic goop" (deoxit)
light oil, heavy oil, gear "gel"
double stick tape
duct tape
black electrical tape
AAA batteries
spare wire


nce powercab
powercab power supply,
powercab panel (in box) with plug to board and female JST
nce radio cab & antenna
6 & 4 wire cables
usb interface (with attached USB and 4 wire cable)
serial cable for command station
Pricom DCC packet tester

Computer & phone:

laptop, charger, dock
wireless ap, power supply, ethernet cable
laptop locking cable  777
Cell phone and chargers (12v & 110 & battery)
something to provide internet connection
serial cable


Track cleaner car
loop of microtrains or rokuhan snap track or test figure 8
terminal track with male JST attached

Weather Underground PWS KCACARLS78