Atrix 2

In November 2011, I got a Motorola Atrix 2. It was only $99, a pretty good deal for a dual core Android device with a replaceable battery.


Note: accessories for the Atrix (1) do not fit the Atrix 2. The Atrix 2 is longer, and while it has the same 2 sockets, micro USB and micro HDMI, they are reversed in direction between the 2 models.

Vehicle dock:

Got the "smart series Vehicle Navigation Dock", 89523N. Not bad, well made, and easy to tighten the "ball joint" to adjust. Unexpected extra was the audio cable and dual port cigar lighter charger.

There's and extra insert that goes in the cradle, without the insert, the unit will fit with a case, without a case, you use the insert, very nice and it fits the dock really well.

The software that fires off as soon as you dock it is nice, it shows a horizontally scrollable menu of things, 6 at a time in large icons, and allows you to add applications as well.

Desk dock:

Also bought the "Productivity Series HD Station" 89522N. Took a bit of looking around, most places had it for $99, got it for $59. Nice desktop stand with charger, but also has 3 usb and an HDMI, as well as audio output. The HDMI has a bunch of apps, where you mirror the display, or you have a desktop to surf the net, etc. It also comes with a tiny remote control. Kinda over the top, but you could basically use this phone for a computer, by addind a keyboard and mouse. In the "surfing mode" you have a normal mouse type cursor on the screen.


I bought one of these on sale, and did not look carefully, it was $50, normal price is $450 !!... It looks like a small netbook, very thin, and the phone slips into a special dock behind the screen. Well, I took that special dock apart, reversed the connectors after a bit of filing and I got the Atrix 2 to work!

There are 2 main functions: one shows the phone on the screen, the other is a desktop with a file manager, contacts, and the Firefox web browser.

This all works surprisingly well, and the lapdock has an internal battery so it will run without it's (included) power supply, but will also charge the phone even if the power supply is not plugged in.

Some tips on the lapdock: It has a battery charging indicator near the right hand hinge:

  • white solid is charged
  • white blinking, charging
  • red blinking phone battery low
  • red solid phone battery needs recharge (I guess critical)

There is also a small white led on upper left corner of the touchpad, to indicate it is active. It's easy to hit it when typing, a double tap on the touchpad will turn the LED off and will disable the touchpad. Double tap again to reactivate.

There's also a small button in the very front center edge to check the battery. There are 5 LEDs just to the left of this button in the same recess to show you the state of charge of the internal battery.

General phone tips:

The 4G icon at the top of the screen was variously white or blue, here's the meaning of the colors:

  • White= no data connection.
  • Gray= background data enabled
  • Black= data is enabled
  • Blue= "4G" enabled


- Power off the phone, press and hold the Volume up and Volume down button, then press the Power button simultaneously while powering up the unit.
- Screen will show up as Boot Mode Selection Menu, press Volume down key to cycle through choices until you get "Android Recovery", then press Volume up key to boot in this mode
Wait for the "triangle ! / Android" screen then go on to step 4
Android Recovery
- Press both Volume up and Volume down key simultaneously. A Recovery Menu will come up
- Tap on Volume down key until "wipe data/factory reset" is highlighted, and tap Power button. Another Confirmation screen will come. Tap on Volume down key until coming to Yes and tap Power button
- After userdata is cleared, the "reboot system now" option will be highlighted by Default. Tap Power button
- Phone will reboot to initial setup screen.

To Perform a Factory Data Reset through settings menu:

- From the Home screen, press Menu
- Touch Settings
- Touch Privacy
- Touch Factory data reset (Read notes for other options)
- Touch Reset Phone
- Touch Erase Everything

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