Aristo Autoreverser


Aristo made an autoreverser, sold as ART-11090 / ART-11091. The 11091 is the reverser by itself. The 11090 is the 11091 reverser with 2 bumpers and 2 tracks with the diodes in them.

11090 unit


Warning, error in manual:

The wiring diagram on page 2 of the ART-11090/11091 Auto Reversing Unit shows the polarity for the diodes backwards. The page shows the stripe in the diodes facing left on the split rail gaps.


Aristo 11090 Reverse Unit Instruct  p2   Wrong Diode Polarity



Aristo 11090 11091  Correct Diode   Wiring Polarity



Inspecting Aristo rerailer / reversing sections with the diode wired in one can see that Aristo wired the diodes with the stripe to the right -- opposite the illustration.

Another point is that the polarity from the reversing unit in the diagram on page 2 shows polarized power coming from the reversing unit to the track, with "+" on the split rail and "-" on the continuous rail. Actually, the output of the reversing unit is not polarized and flips polarity when the unit reverses the train. However, the wire from the upper reversing terminal should go to the split rail side of the tracks and the wire from the bottom terminal should go to the continuous rail.

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