Unpacking the 0-6-0

As with all AML and Accucraft products, the packaging and protection of the loco is superb. Why the other manufacturers cannot do this is a wonder.

The loco and tender came in a large cardboard box. It was completely lined inside with 1" foam. Inside that protective foam lining in the outer box were 2 boxes, one for the loco and one for the tender:

As you can see, even these boxes were in protective film to keep the boxes pristine. What a nice example for other manufacturers. Each box contains a foam "clamshell":

Opening the tender box (it was the lighter of the two), you find the tender, wrapped up, and taped to a base which has grooves milled into it to hold the wheels in place. What a great idea.

Cutting the tape that held it to the board, reveals more protection for the finish of the tender:

Taking the foam off the top, shows AML wanted to be sure the removable coal load was not damaged, nor scratched the finish of the tender:

On to the loco:

Again wrapped and secured to a plywood base routed out for the wheels/flanges. Cutting the tape away and taking the outer wrapping off reveals two "U-shaped" collars of foam, a "nose cone" to protect the smokebox, and a pad over the cab roof to further protect the loco:

Only one negative: The tape wrapped around the ends of the loco and tender tended to pull on the steps, and they had to be bent back out a bit. Overall, it's nice to know that not everyone just throws a loco in a foam box that abrades the paint, and that someone has figured out how to keep stuff from coming loose in shipping. Great job AML!

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