AZL Mikado

Released summer 2013.

A very nice model with plenty of pulling power, detailed valve train, and room for a decoder.

Here's an overall view, you can see the wires from the tender to the loco, and the driveshaft and the drawbar

The tender shell and coal load come off easily. Nice big weight on the tender

The boiler and cab come off as one piece, nice small details on top.


The inside of the shell reveals the clear plastic light pipe to the headlight.

Nice heavy weight cast to pretty well fill up the boiler

Chassis exposed. Those wires look pretty thick. Notice the universal joints and the driveshaft.

Underneath you notice the drawbar is attached to the trailing truck. Also notice the rusted screw holding the trailing truck? No extra charge. The Southern Railway did operate in a humid environment, but this is silly.

Top view of the drivetrain, decoder fitted to tender.


Notice plastic strap holding the motor, with 2 plastic rivets? Notice one placed with such force as to crack the mount?


Now details of the tender.

Kapton tape has been added

Inside the shell

Detail showing the motor and a decoder



Great article by Don Fedjur at:

Weather Underground PWS KCACARLS78