Ragdoll Cats

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We got a Ragdoll cat. We named him Hudson. They are big, fluffy cats that have a general nature of actually liking their owners not aloof.

We are working with Sweet Heaven Ragdoll cats in Ramona, California. Cannot say enough positive things about Connie & Robert.

There were a couple of litters, and we have picked our boy from a litter of 3: (March 5, 2016)

8weeks 1

8weeks 2

8weeks 3

8weeks 4


Here's Hudson and his mom at 14 weeks:



Hudson's parents:


Sweetheaven Touch By an Angel (a.k.a. Angie) X Marlcreek Alex, born 3/5/2016:

 His mother is "Angie", Furreal Angelita:  (seal point mitted=chocolate carrier)



Father: Marlcreek Alex

father marlcreek alex



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