Aristo #6 Wye switch (or is it really a #3 Wye?)

Well, it took several years after Aristo advertised the #6 wye to get one. I had a funny thread on the Aristo forum: "why oh why no wye?". (OK so it was funny at the time)

Well, it arrived. It has a #3 frog. I do not think you can technically call this a #6 wye, because each diverging route is the same angle as a #6, but the frog angle is 3, or as measured (see pictures below) about a 2.66.

No matter, it's about the same curvature as a #6, and that's what you are looking for.

It has the same poorly plated frog as the #6 does, and the frog likewise appears to be made from pot metal.

It also has the same crappy microswitch as the #6 does, little throw, not waterproof, not adjustable.

It also has the "too deep" frog, but not sure it's got the same problems as the #6 because of the #2.6 frog in the wye, I will research more.

Here are 2 pictures of the prototype that was shown for about 2 years:

Here's a closeup of the prototype frog, not plated:

Here's the measurements that show this is a #2.66 frog:

Here's a production frog:

Below, I measure out 3 inches:

Below, at the 3 inch mark, I measure the spread of the rails:

The ratio of 3 to 1-1/8" works about to 2.66

Train-Li makes an insert to make the #6 frog flange-bearing, i.e. a shim so the flange of the wheel can ride on the bottom of the flangeways. I don't think this is the best solution for switches, but for Aristo switches there may be no other way to correct the poor frog geometry. This is definitely needed on the #6, but I'm not sure it is needed on the wye. Anyway, you CAN take the Train-Li insert and bend it to fit into the wye frog. It does not fit well, as evidenced by the pictures below, but it seems workable. I will report back.

Below are pictures, notice how the frog angle is much wider than the insert, and how the "tongue" does not match the frog at all.