Ball Bearing retrofit general notes

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Bettendorf trucks:

  • Use 29411 bearings
  • drill out sideframes
  • see Ted's article: CLICK HERE

Modern freight trucks ART29101 (plastic wheels, simulated roller bearings)

  • Use 29411 bearings
  • Use drywall screw twisted into journal bushing to pull out bushing
  • Press in bearings flush (take care to drive in straight)
  • See article in Jan/Feb 2010 Aristo Insider

Modern freight trucks  ART29100 (metal wheels, extended axles with caps on ends that rotate, brass journal bushings)

  • Obtain "7/32" bearings (need specs and link)
  • Press the brass bushing out with drift and wooden block underneath to avoid damage
  • Press in bearings flush
  • See article in Nov/Dec 2009 Aristo Insider





Harry makes mention of a 29140 bearing that fits the modern freight trucks with no drilling...


Parts numbers

29411 - 10 bearings

29411B - 50  bearings



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