Bachmann Rolling Stock

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Not a lot of notes here, since I model 1:29 and the transition era.

The most famous "G" scale Bachmann product is the "Big Hauler" train set which is in it's 7th version I believe, and about 1:24. The "Big Hauler" sets of battery powered, and later track powered old time ten wheeler and cars, loop of track and tiny transformer are pretty well known.

After this success, Bachmann started making a quality line of basically exact scale 1:20.3 narrow gauge rolling stock. It's definitely not cheap toy like junk, but great detail and fidelity to scale. It's also no longer inexpensive.

On the "Big Hauler" stuff, use Kadee 831's, and cut of the thinner part of the tang. Line up the existing screw hole in the tang with the hole in the 831, and bingo.

On the scale products, most people will body mount Kadee #1 scale couplers, or scale knuckles.

Be aware that the older "Big Hauler" locos and cars are not very well made or sturdy, and this includes the trucks and wheels.

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