Been trying these lately. They are from Abdel 'AJ' Fernandez, who was was born in San Luis, Cuba.

He studied under his neighbor, the legendary Don Alejandro Robaina. After nearly two decades of learning and perfecting his craft under Alejandro's guidance, AJ fled Cuba to Esteli, Nicaragua, and established his own cigar factory.

They are normally robust cigars, but trying them out now:


Diesel Unholy Cocktail Torpedo

5 x 56

diesel unholy cocktil torpedo 5x56

Was ok, not super strong, aging did little to improve taste.




Diesel Uncut Toro

6.5 x 52

diesel uncut toro 6.5x52

Not too bad, but uneventful, aging did little to improve.

Diesel Unlimited:

5.5 x 54

diesel unlimited d.5 5.5x54

This one responded to aging and improved, I will buy again.


Diesel Unlimited d.5 Maduro

5.5 x 54

diesel unlimited d.5 maduro 5.5x54

The maduro wrapper did not make this necessarily better than the non maduro.




Diesel Hair of the Dog Robusto

5 x 50

diesel hair of the dog robusto 5x50

Maybe the batch of these was not great, but, well, ugh.



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