Installing optional front coupler

With the length of the E8, many people had issues with the body mounted coupler.

The loco is supplied with an additional truck with a truck mounted coupler.

steps to install:

  1. Remove the shell using a thin shim between the shell and chassis
  2. pull straight down on the fuel tank to remove it
  3. remove the plow and coupler, which is held in place with 2 pins. Pull it straight out to remove
  4. loosen, but do not remove the 3 screws holding the chassis halves together
  5. spread the frame carefully, the goal is to provide clearance to remove the trucks
  6. remove front truck
  7. optionally you can remove the pilot mount at the front
  8. lube the gears and install new truck
  9. tighten the screws gently, ensuring the trucks swivel well
  10. reinstall fuel tank
  11. reinstal shell
  12. check run



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Pictures courtesy of David Stubbs

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