Lettering and Decals

I have some locos that I want to be decorated like the prototype. I have been buying everything that had a prototype in Santa Fe in my time period.

The first one I need done is a 44 Tonner, USAT has them in the blue and yellow, but not the black with zebra stripes.






Stan Cederleaf is sadly no longer with us... for people reading old forum posts


hawmutt - http://www.shawmutcarshops.com/ - less expensive, but you might have to do more of the design work yourself.

Modern Rails: http://modernrails.com

Vinyl letters:

Del Tappero - G Scale Graphics - many reports of satisfied customers, also great inexpensive R/C systems and more.

Dry Transfers:


Which to use?

  • Decals are thinner and have a clear carrier, so small numbers and letters can be made. They are more fragile and take more work to apply.
  • Vinyl letters are tougher and thicker. Some people complain about not being able to get the vinyl to apply closely to rivets, but Dell tells me that a little heat from a heat gun or hair dryer works wonders. Also, a tip from Jerry Hansen, use a pin to poke holes to allow trapped air bubbles to release. You cannot make really small letters, like rolling stock data. 
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