eMotion S decoder (sound only)

(note, this are just rough notes, working on programming it to respond to chuff trigger for a friend)

I was supplied with a sheet of what the CV's were set to by the dealer, and a lot of them do not make sense, as you read below


as received, no response from the decoder, issued reset CV7 = 55

CV 195 was set to 55, a nonsense value, set to 1


F1 is whistle crossing sequence

F2 is bell

F3 is "all aboard announcement"

F4 is whistle, triggered every on to off or off to on

F5 is a pulsing steam sound

F6 is sound on, and must transition from off to on to get sound

F7 nothing

F8 is some mechanical sound and mutes chuff


So far, the system always chuffs with speed steps, the reed switch contacts will add extra chuffs when touched together

Have not been able to stop the autochuff..




Further, after setting CV195 correctly, then you need to specify the clock 2 input to be “hooked” to the chuff sound.


reads as 2

CV 149:

Bit 4 shoiuld be 0, for standard contacts. and that register is on page 59, that bit 4 of CV149 must be 0 … again looking at the supplied CV dump, CV 149 was apparently set to 111, which is  1101111, indeed bit 4 is zero, so that checks out.

The setting was:

  • random generator on
  • standing phase noise active
  • load dependent sound
  • cylinder valves open at start of movement
  • contacts standard
  • automatic side noises active
  • start signal delay on


CV 191:  for setting the contacts for triggers (191 is "Clock 2")

Clock 2 sounds should be controlled by CV191, page 49, but here is where things are not quite clear… CV191 should be set for the “chuff” sound, and it is set to sound #2 (by the way Clock 1 is set to sound #1) (need to read the value of 191 and see if changing it affects the chuff)

What I have not found is these values of 1 and 2 relating to making a chuff sound. Nowhere in the manual are these values for 191 and 190 mentioned… which range from 0 to 12… (zero means no sound), apparently I need the sheet for the specific sound file mapping 1-12 to the sounds. Clearly #2 is chuff, because it is working and in CV 191

So on to the Clock 2 input, although there is some confusing reference to Clock 1 on the bottom of page 14.


CV 195:

Called RPM control, should be set to the number of "chuffs" per magnet, a setting of 0 is "controlled by speed steps". In this case the user wants a setting of 1, since he has 2 magnets, but they are on the tender wheels, which turn about twice as fast, so he should get approximately 4 chuffs per driver revolution


CV 196:

Note also that CV’s 196 and 198 can “tune” the chuff duration… page 49, 196 is the duration of the chuff.

based on the CV dump they are NOT at the default, 196 is set to 255, and per the manual on page 49, the range of values 0 to 32 with 28 as a default… this alone could mess things up, the value of 255 usually means all or nothing, or not set..

I've just been given a suggestion that setting 196 = 0 should turn off the autochuff...  this is not in the manual.... did not work



This should set the pause time between the chuffs (in relation to the chuff duration)

should be set to between 0 and 16 with a default of 1, but the CV dump says it is set to 36, another red flag.