Lionel Large Scale Motive Power

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Not everyone knows Lionel made some large scale motive power. For a short time it seemed Lionel was serious, but they did not continue the line. There are some G scale locos produced once in a while now, usually speciality items like the Casey Jr. (**need**)

Of the "standard" line of locos and cars, it is pretty much 1:32, but some of the locos seem larger. 

It was of reasonable detail, plastic wheels on the cars, the track was mostly hollow brass rail, and the switches were nothing to write home about.

 The Atlantic actually had a pretty robust and simple drive train, and looks fine with 1:29 stuff. Their tank and ore cars are popular.

I need more info on their other locomotives, the small steamers are nothing worth messing with, but I need some calibration on the diesels they made, and one came with the on board camera system.

Place to order Lionel parts:


Lionel made 2 diesels, both 1:32 scale

The geeps came with aluminum wheels, which often corroded, and of course not very good on conductivity. NWSL used to carry replacment wheels.


Each motor blocks had 2 motors, and drew 3-4 amps



These motor blocks only had one motor, and a rubber O ring drove the second axle.


Steam locos





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