QSI DCC Install on Generation 5 RS-3


I've received a new version RS3, late in 2007. Great news, Aristo has reversed the "guts" to be the way it must have originally been designed (like backwards freight car floors).

Now the QSI decoder or Aristo on board receiver clears the speaker properly, and just plugs in once you have removed the 21 screws that hold the shell on. When the insides are reversed from the factory, the speaker hits the decoder board in the socket.

If you have an older unit, you need to reverse the "guts" so that there is clearance between the speaker and the decoder (improperly assembled at the factory). 

Here's the orientation of the guts that allows the decoder not to hit the speaker: (Original style QSI Revolution is in place here)


The QSI sounds great and runs great, headlight dims when in reverse. The Alco sound is realistic, and the stock speaker is very good. Very early RS3s have a smaller speaker, you can replace it with the new style available from Aristo.  

Notice the black and white cable that goes between the QSI and the main Aristo board, this is for the speaker, and it's usually working properly.

On 12/22/07, I loaded version 7.17.0,  type#1008, sound# 207  (with Wabco A2 horn)


updated 16 mar 08, to 7.20.0
Horn wabco 1 (wabco A2 desired) 60%
alt horn??
bell rs-1 bell 14%
motor alco motot 19%, turbo 15%, 22 fitst notch, no second
no dynamic brakes
pump bongo2 15%
fan2 start 8% / vent opening 2 16%





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