Noch Layout

I purchased a Noch Barenweiler layout, it is sculptured foam with some scenery already attached.
I purchased it from a really nice guy, Frank Daniels, check out his web site.

Click here for more information on getting one of the Noch layouts, or more about Frank Daniels, check out his web site

Here is the bare layout, with all the scenery done from the factory.
I'll be adding trees, track, and trains of course. It comes with the track parts list, using Marklin sectional track.



Some of the track is laid here. Small stuff, take care. You may have to trim the landscaping a bit. I did not use roadbed.
In this picture, I've got part of the track purchased. Wow, it sure takes a lot of different pieces!



This is what the layout should look like although I will be in control of the trees and buildings.
This is a picture from the Noch catalog.




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