Detail Parts


GLX Scale Models

 Lots of quality 3D printed replacement parts, many for Aristo.... also replacement throwbars

Very good stuff, good prices and a willingness to make new stuff.



  1. If product is unfinished, remove casting sprues from casting with sprue cutters or a sharp hobby knife.
  2. Plastic can be cut, sculpted, textured or sanded.
  3. Finish as required to achieve desired look using application(s) of paint, weathering products (preferably PANPASTEL MODELING COLORS- also available at GLX Scale Models), chalks, inks, washes or stains.
  4. When gluing 3D printed plastic, use AC (Crazy Glue) for a permanent bond or carpenter's white glue for semi-permanent adhesion. 





Weather Underground PWS KCACARLS78