RCA W101 V2 10.1" laptop






Booting from a DC

This can be a real mess, seems to be related to a 64 bit Atom processor booting into a 32 bit operating system, and the UEFI bios does not help.


To boot from a UEFI DVD:

  • make sure you have a UEFI bootable disk.
  • boot the computer, and bang on the DEL key until you get into the bios
  • now go to the boot setup... if you have everything right, you will see 3 entries:
    • Legacy boot
    • UEFI boot from the DVD
    • UEFI boot from the internal drive
  • change this to:
    • UEFI boot from DVD
    • Legacy boot
    • UEFI boot from the internal drive
  • now exit and it should attempt to boot from the bootable DVD

Note that if you just try to boot from the DVD, it won't be in the boot order, and you CANNOT add it to the boot list unless it is there when you enter the BIOS setup





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