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This is the home page for my adventures with my 2014 Audi A8L. Some of it is a to do list for myself. There's information that I needed to pull from many different locations, and test on my particular model. I need to thank 2 people here for starting this list, Jack88 from the Ross-Tech forum, and Jan from Trick77.

Sub pages:

Audi Electronic Configuration & Mods - Using VCDS / VAG-COM to configure and/or add new features to your car, very fun and some neat features.

Audi Maintenance  - things to do and tips on cleaners, oils, etc.

Audi Connect and other data services - trying to detangle all the extra cost services and what they do, from Sirius radio to broadband

Playing music and videos - Tips on music files, the SD cards, the Jukebox, playlists and playing videos

Audi firmware updates - how to update the MMI firmware, and the map database

To Do:

  • VCDS:
    • keep trying to get audio cd rip work
    • seat ventilation speed?
    • drive select modes?
    • carmenuoperation - see which are not on, controls what menus are displayed and when
    • cardevicelist - see which are missing
  • Voice recognition training
  • Ecm software?
  • Check spare, armorall
  • sort out audi connect, look for other data provider, check google maps traffic, etc, what should be included
  • dipstick
  • check drains under hood that can fry electronics, put on regular maint schedule
  • validate 8 year 120k warranty
  • check audi connect status in car
  • lube sunroof


Stuff I have found/learned that was not immediately obvious (at least to me ha ha!)

Open trunk with foot under bumper.

  • stay about a foot away from the bumper
  • kick your foot straight in and out
  • do it only once, doing it twice cancels it
  • there is a delay so wait
  • kick your foot up a bit so it more like kicking the underside of the car
  • withdraw it quickly
  • straight in and straight out seems best



Click the links below to go "deeper" into the individual FAQs

  Electronic Configuration / Mods   Audi Maintenance   Audi Connect & Other Data Services    Playing Music & Videos  
  Firmware Updates   
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