Just a place to list various "finds" big and small

The world's best heated mug

For years I looked for something that would keep my coffee hot. Usually these were Peltier devices that were not thermostatically controlled. Recently there have been some units that either heat, or heat/cool liquids. I wanted one, but reading the comments revealed they did not work, or the battery lasted 15 minutes. Not great for something that costs $150.

The Ember was a bust as well as the one made by fellow Armenians. Disappointing.

Then I found the Cauldryn Fyre: https://cauldryn.com/

When I read the reviews and some people complained it was too heavy, I knew someone had done something right, there is no way you can heat water for hours with a battery the size of your thumb!

The unit is really well made, it's not pretty, but works unbelievably well, and has 4 different temperature settings AND "boil" and it WILL boil water. The battery is big and has a USB charging port. You can also get a desk stand that provides power, and also a car adapter.

Since I purchased it, they have added a digital display and 2 battery options, there is a smaller battery for the "Coffee" version, and a larger "Mobile 2.0" version.

I have the car adapter so my coffee stays warm, and the desktop adapter, and the battery....


The world's best "feet" for items.

Magic Sliders, various sizes of very slippery, hard plastic feet, self adhesive, or snap on, or nail on. Bought them for years before Lowes and Home Depot went to some cheaper crap. These work and last for years, are gray-bluish. They must have teflon in them. I have them under my big espresso machine, the TV on the outdoor table, etc. The new junk stopped being slippery and wore down in a couple of months. www.magicsliders.com

Roomba - get one!

One of the best gadgets I have purchased. I actually have 2 one for upstairs and one for downstairs. I got the best one the 980, it's worth the difference in the features.

It works great, we run one after the cleaning person comes and it still picks up stuff.

Battery wears out in a year or two, looking for a better replacement, 14.4v, 3300 mAh, 48 Wh

Outdoor garden tools - Stihl

Battery operated, light and powerful. Not only are these mage with brushless motors (last longer, lighter, smaller, use less power), but they are so much quieter. They are expensive, but the quality and ease of use are a cut above anything else. Go see these before you buy.

 Yes, the batteries are $180, the charger is expensive, but so much nicer.

 Note to self, rubber flap under mower wears, part number  6320-706-6500, $20

Tips on landscape wiring


Scotchcast epoxy "packets" 3M 3570G-N bought from OneSource, Oceanside. 


Weather Underground PWS KCACARLS78