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4 small screws that hold the battery boxes, 12 large screws: 4 under each truck, and 4 under fuel tank.


There are 4 switches on the underside, between fuel tank and rear truck. From the engineers side to fireman's side:

on is away from cab..right left

  • motors
  • lights
  • smoke
  • sound

smoke unit wiring - two smoke units, one power lead red & black wires. Plugs into smoke jack on main board, SMOKE P4
note: wire colors reverse at JST connector

front class lights (short hood) yellow and green. (These are 3-pin bicolor leds)... connects to LAMP P7

rear class lights, numberboards, backup light (long hood) yellow and green. (The backup lights are leds, the class lights 3-pin bicoor leds, numberboards incandescents) ... connects to LED1 P8

headlights and cab lights black and white (cab light incandescent, headlights leds) LED2 P16 (in line with P7 & P8)

speaker has double plugs, goes to main and daughterboard, SPEAKER SWITCH P3 on main board, and speaker on corner of daughter board.


Below is a picture from Ted showing the later style electronics, specifically the fan driven smoke units. Note there is one "smoke power supply" board shown, this powers one smoke unit. The regulators and "smarts" for the other smoke unit are on the main board on the chassis.

USAT RockIslandGP38smokeUnits IMG 3914


In the composite picture below, you can see the second "smoke power supply" on the chassis, to the left of the "main board"

USAT GP38RockIslandBlueShellRemovedCircuitBoardsComposite




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