Marklin streamliners


The only US streamline passenger coaches made so far are the Streamliners by Marklin.  They come in several road names.  At one time Marklin also had an Amtrak set.  Of these the Atlantic Coast Line verson has the least amount of detailing, it should be the easiest to modify for use with a Santa Fe loco. 

Southern Pacific Daylight


First, a "daylight" set, who does not like this paint scheme?

The prototype basically had 2 versions of the train, the steam era, with articulated cars, and the later diesel era. In the steam era, the train could be as long as 20 cars.

From Wikipedia:

A typical 1946 passenger car consist:

  • Baggage Chair Car Combine
  • Articulated Chair Car (Pair)
  • Articulated Chair Car (Pair)
  • Articulated Chair Car (Pair)
  • Articulated Dining Car (Triple Unit, consisting of a Coffee Shop car, Kitchen car, and Dining Room car)
  • Chair Car
  • Articulated Chair Car (Pair)
  • Articulated Chair Car (Pair)
  • Chair Car
  • Tavern Car
  • Parlor Car
  • Parlor Observation Car

*Note: 20 cars was the maximum consist, if demand was there.

A typical 1970 passenger car consist:

  • Baggage Car
  • Chair Car
  • Chair Car
  • Chair Car
  • Automat Car
  • Chair Car
  • Observation Chair Car

The marklin models

These cars entered the Marklin catalog in 1991 and have not been in production since the mid-1990s.

I'm building my streamliner consist from Marklin, mainly because they are not made by anyone else.

Below are the Marklin numbers, the number in the parentheses is the part number of the insert that holds the car.

8784 - chair car, road number 2400 (42225)

8785 - Diner, road number 10200 (42225)

8786 - number never issued

8787 - dome lounge, road number 3600 (42217)

8788 - baggage, road number 3300 (nest # 42218)

8789 - observation, road number 2955 (nest # 42219) 

My consist

I'm running this, which is not necessarily prototypical:

  • 2 baggage
  • 7 chair
  • 1 diner
  • 5 dome lounge
  • 1 observation

16 car consist


I'm struggling with how to put nicer trucks on them with MT couplers. I need to make some sort of bushing that will fit in the large hole in the underside and have a smaller hole for the MT passenger trucks.

Alternatively I could put a REA express box right before the baggage and make it a transition car.


Santa fe streamliner set

Set 87848

This Santa Fe set includes:
1. Baggage Car - Railway Express Agency (2)
2. #602 Dining Car (1)
3. Indian Scout Pullman Coach (3)
4. #500 Dome Car (3)
5. Indian Falls Sleeper Car (3)
6. Vista Canyon Observation Car (1)
 I have a 13 car train
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