QSI Sound File Programming


There are different files for different versions of hardware.

Where to download files:

QSI Solutions is out of business, but the web site is still up as of late 2020:  https://shedaker.wixsite.com/shedaker

The QS Industries site is: http://qsindustries.com/  but no G Scale downloads, nor even the Upgrade program or the CV Manager program. Very weird.

There is a groups.io forum with some files: https://groups.io/g/QSIndustries/files but still not the programming software

If you get stuck, email me (please go to the first site and get what you can before deluging me with emails)

Sound files:

First, install CV Upgrade, so you can download the sound files. (see the page here )

This software allows you to load a sound file, play some of the sounds, run the prime mover, and tweak a few things. I am not going to make a tutorial here.

Note you can install this software and check out sounds without the USB programmer and/or it's driver installed.

Note that the file contains both the firmware for the decoder and the sound file.

Revolution Sound Files:

These files end in .Q2

Here is the page for the Revolution sound files:

QSI Revolution sound file settings

Titan Sound Files:

 Titans can use what are called Q2FX files, these are the original Q2 / Revolution files converted for the Titan, and the new .Q3 files, that use the "emulator technology" features of the Titan.

Titan sound files


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