Train-Li 5 way switch

I purchased one of these and had it nickel plated at the factory. This one is the powered version. I intend on using it in an array of storage tracks.

It will be in a covered area, in the garage to feed my storage elevator system. It can make a set of storage tracks much more compact than a ladder of switches.

the movable stub rails are 30-3/4", the small pieces past the moving part are 2-7/8"

5 way train li

The picture below shows the 5 diverging routes. The curved slot is where the drive mechanism connects to move the rails.

Below is a closeup of the ends of the moving rails.

The picture below shows the motor housing for the drive mechanism.

Below is a view of the underside of the drive mechanism. Everything is nicely enclosed.

Below is a closeup of the "beginning" of the switch. The lap joints compensate for the variation in length of the rails as the switch moves from side to side.