Misc automation accessories


Often a wireless universal remote or extender is needed.

Early devices were IR (InfraRed) but later can be RF (Radio Frequency).


I recently lost the use of my beloved SlingPlayers, which not only streamed a video source (in my case a DirecTV box in the garage), but the app put a perfect picture of the remote on the computer screen, and you would use a mouse to "click" the buttons.

In late 2022, Sling took the servers offline, and these were needed to authorize use of the boxes, even though no data flowed otherwise.


I bought a nice HDMI streamer, for $200, but what about the remote to change the DTV box?


God a BroadLink universal remote, about the size and shape of a stack of 10 Ritz crackers, and you get an app on your phone. I gog the RM4 Mini:

Works great: https://www.broadlink.ae/product-page/broadlink-rm4-mini

About $25 on Amazon. Job done.



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