GP7 custom Kadee install

I'm using the new Campac custom install kit, which has a new pedestal mount. The draft gear does not swivel and has a centerset coupler.



My installation experience:

Start with the written instructions on the web site.

Install the 2 supplied pedestals, with the engraved writing facing out. Use the same screws that came with the USAT pedestals, I prefer the screws with the flat bottoms, more thread engagement.

Now get the stock Kadee 907 "lids", and remember to countersink the one hole that is not countersunk. Use a real countersink, and do it just enough so the screw is just at the surface or a trifle below.

Now assemble the coupler box like a normal Kadee. Put the 2 supplied screws in, the long one in the thicker part of the draft gearbox, and the shorter one nearer the thinner "tail". Make sure the coupler is very free. Sometimes the edges of the gearbox needs to be relieve just slightly, and also sometimes some Kadee shanks are thicker than others. You can lube with dry graphite/moly powder, but make sure the cooupler is free FIRST.

Now mount the coupler with the single long screw provided. Normally I need one or 2 of the small white shims provided by Kadee at the very end, i.e. inboard of the mounting screw.

Check with Kadee gauge. Extra attention here pays off, get it right.


Weather Underground PWS KCACARLS78